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Backup and Recovery Solutions

An outage event is something every organization dreads. Whether it’s a natural or man-made disaster, an internal leak or a third-party hack, having the right backup and recovery services can make all the difference in being able to resume operations or going out of business. Rockland IT Solutions offers a range of comprehensive continuity and compliance protections that help manage your data while keeping it safe from incursions and other threats, a vital part of any organization’s disaster preparedness planning.

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Other services include support for a whole range of products, making it simple for you to integrate multiple kinds of hardware and various operating systems into a single backup utility. Among our top product support options are EMC, HP, Dell, VMware and Microsoft, among an extensive list of applicable host solutions we can cater to. Best of all, if you have a unique data center configuration, our engineers can construct backup and recovery services to fit your individual profile.

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