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Cloud Backup


Our certified expertise in cloud technologies coupled with our data center and hardware capabilities allows us to tailor a variety of plans to fit all of your business’s cloud needs. Whether it is security, performance, or support, all of our cloud backup solutions are designed with years of cloud infrastructure experience behind them.

Public Cloud Backup

  • Our truck brings our certified equipment to you
  • We physically shred your hard drives on-site
  • Reduce 3rd party liability; our machines can even be wheeled into your secure location


Hybrid Cloud Backup

  • We offer high volume drive sanitization without removing drives from client premises, even across different protocols.
  • Our professional services are available directly to you anywhere in the USA.


Private Cloud Backup

  • Shred all types of records including: paper, blue prints, CD’s, magnetic tapes and more.
  • Off-Site Document Shredding available.
  • On-Site Mobile Shredding available.



Cloud Backup Solutions

With the ever increasing regulatory requirements on electronic storage and disposition of private personal information, we see the urgent need for an organization that not only can assist you with proper disposition of this data, but one who can also protect you from the inherent liabilities related to the handling of this data. The danger is real and the penalties can be quite expensive and sometimes even criminal.

  • Provider of systems and services for disaster recovery
  • TLS encryption in flight & AES 256-bit encryption at rest
  • Managed and monitored 24x7x365
  • Engineering staff able to design solutions in house
  • Virtual and scalable infrastructures
  • Fully redundant DR solutions
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Mac, & Hyper-V
  • Application support includes Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, AD, & SharePoint
  • 4TB to 32TB of on-site disk storage with up to 2PB of cloud backup