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Colocation Services

Colocation services at our new state-of-the-art data center benefit from our unique ability to leverage our tier-3 data facility, our deep engineering expertise, and our top of the line hardware. Our Data Center offers a host of services to suit all of your colocation needs from storage to software, engineering to hardware, we have got you covered.

Infrastructure as a Service Solutions

We understand the importance of our customer’s data which is it is ingrained in everything that we do. From how our physical facility was constructed to how our hardware protocols where designed, data security is reflected in everything that we do so you don’t have to.

Key Colocation Features:

  • Up to 160,000 sq ft of data center space
  • OEM Certified Engineer staffed 24x7x365
  • Full laser grid under floor with biometric systems for data center access
  • Largest privately held data center facility in New England
  • 2U and 4U in a cabinet
  • Primary and redundant 13 KVA service
  • Metered Power Solutions for 1Kw to 12Kw delivery
  • 240V three phase power to run systems clean and efficiently
  • Intelligent routing ensures that your site will stay up, even if a major network were to go offline.
  • NAID Certified to ensure proper downstream recycling and compliance
  • Dual compressor, Triple VF Fan, Dual Pump, Dry cooler, split DX systems
  • SOA CRAC Units Configured as 2N
  • No less than 6 major telecommunication carriers-Carrier Neutral Facility