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EMC Symmetrix DMX Series

EMC Symmetrix DMX Storage Systems

The Symmetrix DMX series is distinguished by its heightened features and specifications that are set to fulfill future needs without modification or with simple upgrades that are easy to implement.




EMC produces its DMX series as a foundation for future, forward-thinking storage solutions. The design of these storage products offers an innovative storage matrix architecture that outclasses standard bus and switch-based storage solutions by an exceptional margin. EMC intends this series to maximize storage capacity, speed and security against data loss while anticipating future storage needs.

EMC Symmetrix DMX Features:

  • The Symmetrix DMX Direct Matrix Interconnect allows EMC storage products to have direct, simultaneous access to as many as 32 memory regions
  • DMX series matrices optimize cost-efficiency and CPU overhead by providing for decentralized memory access.
  • EMC fully integrates remote support in its systems by supporting direct communication between a product’s service processor and support professionals. The service processor even automatically contacts EMC’s support service under certain conditions.
  • Certain components, such as the Communications Control Module and the Environmental Control Module are replaceable without impacting the operation of the DMX series product
  • Flexible hardware designs make the DMX series ready to adapt to as yet unforeseen upgrade possibilities

EMC Symmetrix DMX Specifications:

  • EMC’s Enginuity storage operating environment is optimized to support a variety of increasingly important applications, including remote and local replication, multi-fault recovery processes, dynamic reporting and point-in-time copying
  • DMX series products achieve power supply redundancy using N+1 and 2(N+1) power systems
  • DMX series products utilize methods such as proactive cache and disk scrubbing, self-diagnostic error checking and instruction monitoring for failure containment and recovery
  • The direct matrix design of the DMX series products creates a system of dedicated component links that support an aggregate internal bandwidth up to 64 GB per second
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