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EMC VNX Systems

Both the EMC VNX & VNXe series provide a wide range of power, performance, and efficiency that provides file, block, and object storage along with industry-leading innovation. The VNX storage systems offers a high-performance, affordable entry-level solution for small to medium businesses with the VNXe series. The VNX series provides a more robust platform for larger organizations with greater demands.

VNX-5100 System


Welcome to the next generation of mid-tier storage devices: the EMC VNX line. The EMC VNX5100 is an excellent choice for the consolidation of block storage, file servers, and direct-attached application storage.



Driven by dual Quad-Core Xeon 5600 series processors enhanced with a 6 Gb/s SAS architecture, the VNX5300 provides Fibre Channel, iSCSI, and FCoE access for block applications and facilitates the sharing of data in multi-protocol environments by clients using Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX.


The EMC VNX5500 is the next step in the ground-breaking EMC VNX series of unified storage systems. Scaling up to 250 drives, the EMC VNX5500 is a robust and easily maintained solution for diverse work environments.


The EMC VNX5700 is backed by powerful technology from Intel Xeon 5600, and has a maximum capacity of 984 terabytes suitable for small, mid-size and large businesses in need of data storage.


The EMC VNX7500 is a leading unified storage system with innovative capabilities. This powerful yet flexible platform will block, file, store and manage your data with the ease and efficiency your IT systems need.

EMC VNXe3100

The EMC VNXe3100 provides the small-to-medium-sized enterprise with the means to manage file-based and block-based storage in a single system—one showcasing all the connectivity and performance splendor of the EMC VNXe series.

EMC VNXe3300

The EMC VNXe3300 provides robust file-based storage and block-based storage solutions—all in one easy-to-manage and compact package—for small- to medium-sized enterprises. That easy-to-manage part isn’t insignificant: With some storage systems, configuring your setup can be overly complicated, even obtuse.

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