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Hosted Disaster Recovery

Hosted Disaster Recovery Solutions

Rockland IT will work with your team to identify the right Hosted Disaster Recovery solution for your organization. Whether this solution is a software or hardware solution or is to a public, private or even a hybrid cloud we will assist you with identifying what is right for your needs. By being able to offer solutions that are hosted at Rockland owned or operated facilities this allows organization to utilize resources that they may currently own while also having the additional missing portions supplied to them as a hybrid cloud solution for one integrated bill. If a company finds that they either have all or none of the needed resources to implement a disaster recovery system Rockland is still able to fully assist by either supplying the systems or by just supplying space and connectivity to their Tier 3 data center network.

  • Fully monitored infrastructure
  • Automated ticket creation to ensure proper notifications of any issues
  • Intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized access to systems
  • 24x7x365 support at the disaster recovery data center by certified engineers
  • Engineering staff able to design solutions in house
  • Software licensing solutions that can grow or shrink with your needs
  • Server, Network, Storage, and Firewall hardware and software supplied with full support
  • One bill for the hosted and supplied infrastructure with one number to call for all of your support needs!