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What Should You Do with All That Stuff?

When it comes time to upgrade your infrastructure or clear out faulty equipment, one of the worst feelings is walking into your workspace, server room or data center and realizing just how much electronic waste you have to get rid of. What do you do with it? Where do you put it? After all, it can literally take up an entire room.

Luckily, Rockland ITS is here to help. We’ll take care of your IT equipment removal so you don’t have to. You’ll approach IT and electronic equipment projects secure in the knowledge that you don’t have to worry about what happens with the old stuff, making your replacements and upgrades much less daunting.

But why should you pay someone when you can just kick the stuff to the curb or pitch it in the nearest dumpster? You probably know throwing it away isn’t the most responsible thing to do, but aren’t convinced you actually have to hire someone. Take the following considerations into account.

The Law

While there is no federal law that says you must recycle old electronics, there are plenty of laws that mandate certain procedures when it comes to disposing of hazardous materials, lots of which can be found inside electronics. In fact, there are over 550 federal laws regarding hazardous material or electronic waste. So not only does it feel wrong to pitch it in the dumpster, in most cases it’s illegal, too.

Human Health and Environmental Concerns

Computers and electronics may contain toxic materials, like lead and mercury. We’re taught from a young age that if these things end up in landfills, they could leak into the ground and contaminate the groundwater and everything that depends on it, including us. Lead and mercury build up in the human body and can cause serious harm to us.

Worse, if it ends up in an incinerator, you’re responsible for throwing all of that stuff into the air, including the plastics and other potentially corrosive, caustic materials that are released from burning. Among other things, exposure to these kinds of chemicals can damage the reproductive systems of humans and animals, and lead to a host of other complications like respiratory conditions.

Waste Not, Want Not

Health concerns aside, electronic waste is just that—waste. If the equipment is in good working condition and just no longer meets your needs, why throw it away when it may get use someplace else, like a nonprofit or a charity? Rockland IT Solutions has an asset recovery program that gives you the option of trading in your old equipment for a credit towards a future purchase or selling the equipment directly to us and in return we will give you cash.

The Solution: Rockland ITS

Rockland ITS is your solution. Choosing us to dispose of your IT equipment means you’ll never have to worry about any of this. We only use certified R2 recyclers and proper procedures to dispose of your recycling responsibly and in the most efficient way possible, using our own trucks, personnel and equipment.

Our services aren’t limited to just equipment removal, either. If you’re concerned about the sensitive data such equipment might contain, like confidential reports or customer records, Rockland ITS offers a comprehensive data destruction service which ensures every bit of your data is completely destroyed before we dispose of your equipment.

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