The Cost of Data Storage Throughout the Years

Data storage wasn’t as inexpensive as it is today. Technology is always advancing and doing bigger and better things that seemed impossible at one time. With that being said, the price of data storage has only decreased while the size of the storage overall has vastly increased.   The following infographic delves into the price of data storage throughout the years beginning with the first hard drive on the market, the RAMAC 305 that was available in 1956. Follow the timeline throughout history and read about the transformation of these data storing devices.   Whether you’re a computer geek, a technology hoarder, or new to the computer world we live in, this infographic is one you will enjoy. Share this on your social media profiles, email it to the IT department at the office, or blog about these outrageously priced data storage devices to gain a new appreciation for the storage capacity we have today.  

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data storage cost

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History Of Data Storage Devices

They just don’t build things quite like they used to. This statement may seem clichéd, but it greatly applies to data – and not in a bad way. Through the years, technology becomes more and more advanced, exceeding expectations and pushing toward new and innovative products and capabilities. In the case of this infographic, computer memory and data storage have increasingly changed since their beginnings in 1956. If we hadn’t learned how to make memory and data storage servers smaller, then we’d still have rooms solely dedicated to these large machines like the RAMAC 305 that was the size of two large refrigerators. Computers would still be gigantic and immobile, unlike our sleek and portable laptops. Nowadays, our laptops, cell phones, and desktop computers are smaller than years past but are equipped with larger memory capabilities that it once had.

Advances In Computer Data Storage Devices

To gain a better appreciation for the advances in technology, we’ve created an infographic that highlights the data storage throughout the years. Beginning with the RAMAC hard drive, we outline all types of storage devices from 1956 to present. Learn how much money these products cost at the time as well as what the price would be like with inflation factored in. It’s interesting to understand these data storage solutions, particularly how they became smaller in size yet bigger in storage capabilities. Millions of people from school students to business professionals rely on the memory in their computer to save documents, presentations, and other important information. How crazy would it be if one megabyte of storage still cost $10,000 like in 1956? If that were still the case, laptop prices would be out of this world, and many companies and schools wouldn’t have computers to work on. Sprinkled throughout the infographic are interesting facts on how much a megabyte of storage has cost throughout the years. These amazing statistics demonstrate jut how much the price of storage has decreased since 1956.

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