EMC Celerra NS-4G10-300 Fibre Drive

Utilizing the EMC Celerra NS series of fiber channel hard drives will offer the flexibility and manageability of multi-disk storage you need to work across workstations.




The EMC Celerra NS-4G10-300 fibre channel drive is geared to be integrated with your other EMC Celerra storage drives. It is a 4Gb/sec, 300GB, 10,000 rpm fibre channel drive that ensures you have the high performance needed for a complete storage systems interface.


  • Capacity: 300GB
  • Disk Interface: Fibre Channel
  • Disk Speed: 10,000 rpm
  • Interface Speed: 4Gb/s
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Drive Capacity Interface Speed Disk Speed Interface NS80 NS40 NS20 NS82 NS42 NS22
NS-4G10-600 600GB 4Gb/s 10,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-4G15-450 450GB 4GB/s 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-4G15-300 300GB 4GB/s 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-4G15-146 146GB 4GB/s 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-4G10-400 400GB 4GB/s 10,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-4G10-300 300GB 4GB/s 10,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-4G15-73 73GB 4GB/s 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-2G15-146 146GB 2GB/s 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-2G15-73 73GB 2GB/s 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-2G10-300 300GB 2GB/s 10,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-2G10-146 146GB 2GB/s 10,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-2G10-73 73GB 2GB/s 15,000 rpm Fibre Channel
NS-SA07-010 1TB n/a 7,200 rpm SATA II
NS-SA07-750 750GB n/a 7,200 rpm SATA II
NS-SA07-500 500GB n/a 7,200 rpm SATA II
NS-AT07-010 1TB n/a 7,200 rpm ATA
NS-AT07-750 750GB n/a 7,200 rpm ATA
NS-AT07-500 500GB n/a 7,200 rpm ATA
NS-AT07-250 250GB n/a 7,200 rpm ATA
NS-AT05-320 320GB n/a 5,400 rpm ATA
NS-AT05-250 250GB n/a 5,400 rpm ATA
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